Embarking on Future Pathways: Sterling Junior High 8th Graders Visit Crystal City High School for Career Insights

As the academic year at Sterling Junior High draws to a close, excitement fills the air as 8th-grade students prepare to embark on an enlightening journey to Crystal City High School (CCHS). Under the guidance of Principal Dante Delgado, these eager students set foot into the halls of CCHS for a transformative tour of the myriad career pathways awaiting them in high school.

With curiosity driving them forward, the 8th graders eagerly explored classrooms representing diverse career fields. From welding and building trades to the medical and dental professions, the possibilities seemed endless as they delved into each unique opportunity.

Led by passionate instructors, students donned protective gear and wielded tools in the welding workshop, discovering the art of metalworking firsthand. In the building trades class, they honed their skills with hammers and saws, crafting small projects and gaining insight into the construction industry.

The medical field classes offered a glimpse into the world of healthcare, where students learned about anatomy, patient care, and the crucial role of medical professionals. Meanwhile, in the dental lab, they practiced basic dental procedures, gaining valuable knowledge about oral hygiene and dental health.

For those with a passion for music, the band room resonated with melodies and harmonies, providing a window into the world of musical expression and collaboration. And in the cosmetology studio, creativity flourished as students experimented with hairstyles, makeup, and nail art, exploring the artistry of personal grooming.

Throughout the day, Principal Dante Delgado emphasized the significance of this exploration phase in shaping their future paths. "Today marks the beginning of your journey towards discovering your passions and interests," he encouraged them. "Use this experience to explore and envision the possibilities that lie ahead."

As the day drew to a close and the 8th graders returned to Sterling Junior High, they carried with them a newfound sense of purpose and direction. Armed with knowledge and experiences gained from their visit to CCHS, they were better equipped to make informed decisions about their high school journey.

In a message from the Sterling Fly Counselor, the importance of this experience was reiterated. "Tomorrow, our 8th graders will walk over to CCHS for the traditional high school tour," the message read. "An opportunity for them to explore, to learn, and to chart their course towards a bright and fulfilling future."

With their minds buzzing with possibilities, the 8th graders eagerly anticipated the next chapter of their academic journey, knowing that Sterling Junior High had laid a solid foundation for their future success.